Response to Dune Replenishment Project Update 

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection unilaterally informed Ventnor this week that it is altering its beach replenishment schedule. Once again, far-flung bureaucrats are placing the disruptive work from June 8 to July 12 and likely beyond – squarely at the height of summer tourism season.

Unfortunately, the city, its business and our residents have made other plans at this time and our beaches are unavailable for the dune and replenishment work. Our city has multiple concerts, a surf camp, Independence Day celebrations and thousands of visitors coming to town for their hard-earned summer vacations. We hope the state understands that this revised timing simply doesn’t work for Ventnor.

Ventnor has enthusiastically supported the state and the Corps dune and replenishment work from day one – and we will continue to do so if they adhere to their original timeline. It is important work, but so is the summer tourism season. We simply cannot allow one to jeopardize the other.

Today, we are notifying the state and the Army Corps of Engineers that our beaches will not be available for the replenishment and dune work until after Labor Day, which is when they had previously said the work would be performed.


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