Ventnor PD Hires Five Special Law Enforcement Officers for Summer Season

The Ventnor City Police Department is pleased and proud to announce the hiring of five Special Law Enforcement Officers Class I’s for the summer season.

The officers are David Vo, Adrianna Parisano, Samuel Cohen, Xhuljo Penko, and James Burke.

The officers attended Cape May County Police Academy’s 72nd Session Basic Course for Class One Special Law Enforcement Officers. Their training consisted of but not limited to areas such as community service, first aid, patrol techniques, court room testimony, report wiring, arrest/search/seizure, unarmed self-defense, traffic enforcement, and chemical weapons. Additionally, these officers were certified on the ATV to assist with patrolling the beaches.

The officers have the authority to make arrests for disorderly & petty disorderly person offenses, and enforce city ordinances and motor vehicle violations. These officers will supplement our full time officers with patrolling the business districts, beaches, and boardwalk. Their deployment on bicycles and ATV’s will permit a quicker response to calls for service to resolve residents’ concerns while maintaining a strong police presence at the city’s’ epecial events. 



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