Dune Replenishment Project Update - August 14, 2017

Due to an issue with one of the dredges, the beach from Dorset Avenue to Harvard Avenue is closed again today.

The Dorset Avenue lifeguard stand will continue to be located at Dudley Avenue and the Sacramento Avenue stand will shift down south, if needed.

Since this stretch of beach where the work is taking place blocks the Cambridge Avenue surfing beach,  surfers are allowed to enter the water just north of the pipe, between Dudley and Dorset Avenues.  From there, surfers can paddle down to the pier and surf where they normally do and then paddle back and exit the water at the same place, as long as they are careful of the Dorset Avenue bathers (stand is currently at Dudley Avenue).  We will not allow any surfers to enter the water south of the pier and access the surfing beach that way due to the dangers of shooting the pier.

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