Important Public Notice Regarding the Suspension of Shellfishing and Recreational Activities in Back Bays

Due to a broken sewer line in the vicinity of Beach Thorofare in Atlantic City (Bader Field area) shellfish located in Shelter Island Bay, Risley Channel, Dock Thorofare, Whirlpool Channel and Lakes Bay north of the Margate Bridge, may have been subjected to pollution resulting from the release of sewage in the bay. As a precaution, the New Department of Environmental Protection is suspending all shellfish harvesting in these areas. Additional information, including a map from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection can be viewed by clicking here.  

In addition, the City of Ventnor is recommending that all residents stay off of the water in the back bay areas until further testing is complete tomorrow. This means no swimming, fishing, shellfishing, jet skiing, kayaking, etc.

Atlantic County Utilities Authority is working around the clock to repair the pipe and is posting updates each day at www.acua.com/sewerupdate

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