FEMA Flood Elevation Assistance

Any Ventnor homeowners that had Sandy damage and are interested in elevating their home are encouraged to apply for FEMA Flood Elevation Assistance. Grants from the Federal Emergency Management Agency's Flood Mitigation Assistance (FEMA-FMA) Program are expected to be available incrementally over the next several years.

Through the Flood Mitigation Assistance Program, eight properties were awarded grants in 2016 and five in 2017. Applications are now being accepted for 2018. The FEMA program provides resources to assist communities in their efforts to reduce or eliminate the risk of repetitive flood damage to buildings that are insured under the National Flood Insurance Program.

To apply, please contact Jim Rutala at jmrutala@comcast.net. Mr. Rutala will assist each applicant and work through the requirements with them.

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