R-7 Zoning Changes

Ventnor’s Planning Board and Governing Body recently adopted changes to the R-7 Zone to encourage and entice new development. 
Currently, two-family dwellings are not permitted in the zone, but have been allowed to be demolished and rebuilt under a process that has not complied with state and local planning regulations. When Commissioner Lance Landgraf became aware of this, suggestions were made to the Planning Board that would encourage the redevelopment of the two-family homes, but in a manner that is both appropriate and in compliance with the state requirements.
The result was an ordinance, now adopted, that allows, under a conditional use, that two-family dwellings that have a valid certificate of nonconformity, provided all bulk requirements are being met, to be demolished and reconstructed without the need for a variance.  This type of redevelopment was very successful in Margate and encourages new construction that meets both the local construction code and FEMA flood elevation requirements.
Planning Board Chairman Jay Cooke, Vice Chair Tom McAdam, Board Member Roman Zabihach, along with Board Planner and Engineer Roger McLarnon and Solicitor Leo Manos, Esq., came together and drafted the amendment that will enable the redevelopment to be conducted with our regulations and at cost that is minimized by eliminating the board application process.  City Solicitor Tim Maguire put the final touches on the ordinance and briefed the Mayor and Commissioner Kriebel on the ordinance before the adoption.
Numerous other common-sense zoning ordinances are being reviewed as part of Sustainable Ventnor and as a result of the Master Plan Review.

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