Firehouse Construction Plans Underway

Plans to demolish and rebuild the City’s second firehouse continue to progress.

The existing facility has deteriorated and would need to undergo costly immediate repairs to make it livable and structurally sound. Furthermore, the structure would not meet FEMA requirements for critical infrastructure.

The City is required to have two firehouses to comply with National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards that dictate response time requirements. Having a second location also reduces fire insurance costs for homeowners.

Ventnor’s second firehouse is particularly essential to the Ventnor Heights area and enables the department to respond to emergencies if the Dorset Avenue Bridge was impassable.

On average, emergency calls from Ventnor Heights make up approximately 30 to 35 percent of the Fire Department’s call volume. In 2018, 994 calls came from the Heights compared to 836 in 2017.

The new firehouse will be built to meet critical infrastructure requirements and withstand extreme flooding. It will ensure that residents in low-lying, flood-prone areas can be reached in the event of a storm and serve as an inland location should a severe storm impact the island. The new, fully compliant firehouse can also be used in emergency situations to hold rescued individuals.

The City received eight bids on the project and will invest approximately $3.3 million on its construction and furnishing. The cost reflects the requirements set by state and federal guidelines, which includes mandated building materials, the inclusion of ADA components, such as an elevator and chair lift for visitors, and labor costs that must meet prevailing wage standards. 

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